NetSpeed Coverage Area 

We have transmitters to send our line of sight signal placed at:

  • Cape Wanbrow, covering town, Kakanui and some outlying areas

  • On our building in Thames Street, aiming towards South Hill and Severn street

  • Limeworks hill covering Weston

  • Roundhill on Roundhill road, pointing West and South

  • Mount Charles in Herbert, pointing South and East

  • Kauru Hill, pointing East

  • Turnbulls road near Five forks, Pointing North and East

  • Our Standard monthly plans start from $29.95 per month for 2GB data, at a minimum speed of 1mb upload and download.

    Our NetSpeed Rural Extend service runs from a transmitter on Big Hill, and provides line of sight coverage as far North as Morven, Inland to Ikawai and Windsor and as far south as Herbert. To ensure you are able to receive this signal, just let us know your address including rapid number, and we can check it out for you.

    Extend plans start from $49.95 per month for our 2GB light plan, running at 256/128kbps.

    Details coverage area map can be obtained from extendcover 

    Both of these broadband services have an initial hardware cost which you can purchase outright. By doing this we are able to keep your monthly charges down and not charging you for equipment you don’t own! Flexirent options are available.