NetSpeed Plans

Home and Small Business Plans

These plans run at full speed, (approximately 2mbps upwards) and have data caps ranging from 1000 to 5000 Megabytes per month

Plan Data Cap Price
Per Month
Per MB
NetSpeed Home 2000 2000MB $29.95 4c
NetSpeed Home 3000 3000MB $34.95 4c
NetSpeed Home 4000 4000MB $39.95 4c
NetSpeed Home 5000 5000MB $44.95 4c
NetSpeed Home 10000 10000MB $69.95 4c
NetSpeed Home 20000 20000MB $119.95 4c


Data used above the limit will be charged at 4c per megabyte. We will warn you when you're approaching your data cap so that you don't end up with a huge bill that you didn't expect!

Additional plans are also available; we can create a plan to suit you.

For more information on any of our NetSpeed services including Business Plans and specialist wireless networking, please contact us

Our NetSpeed Rural Extend Plans are also available in areas where customers are unable to gain a standard signal, or are looking for an alternative to satellite providers. (Or current supplier).

Lite Plans* 
Plan Speed (Kbps Peak) Data Cap Price
Download  Upload
NetSpeed Extend Lite 256 256 128 2GB $49.95
5GB $79.95
NetSpeed Extend Lite 512 512 128  2GB $54.95
5GB $84.95
NetSpeed Extend Lite 512+ 512 256  2GB  $59.95
5GB $89.95
NetSpeed Extend Lite 1000 1000  340  2GB $69.95
5GB $99.95

These Plans are based on speed with a data cap