NetSpeed Oamaru Limited

NetSpeed Oamaru and NetSpeed Rural has been operating in and around Oamaru since 2004, offering customers a local and competitive alternative for their Internet. With point-to-point wireless broadband service covering much of Oamaru and surrounding districts we are the people to talk to…

Specialists in wireless networking, we are able to design and install a link for your house’s, milking sheds, business, etc. Why pay for two internet connections when one will suffice.

We Are true wireless broadband, not just a wireless router installed in your house.

We Are broadband and rural broadband, we aim to make it work for you.

We don’t come from Auckland. Local company, Local support, if you have a query, you ring us, not a call centre.

A NetSpeed connection is different from a traditional broadband connection, (ADSL). Here are some of the differences;

    No phone line required at all! You are connected via a high-speed wireless link which can be used to run a phone connection using your same number. Xnet VFX link here

    Upload speed is the same as download speed, ADSL and satellite can be as low or lower than 128kbps upload.

    Low Latency means that a NetSpeed Connection is much better for applications such as Internet gaming, internet phone, and VFX. (Ever clicked on the button and waited for something to happen on a game?)