Security Support and Services

We are part of a leading security company and integrator of electronic security surveillance systems.

Our Security technicians complete all security requirements for residential as well as commercial buildings, including quoting, installation and maintenance on these systems. Their scope can range from a basic alarm up to a fully secure business including keypad or keyless entry systems, video surveillance and remote DVR units.

Our technicians are highly trained to confidently design, supply, install, commission, service, maintain, and monitor the most up to date electronic security systems on the market today.

Flexible, customised electronic security solutions can be designed for specific residential, retail, commercial and industrial requirements.

Absolute dedication to offering maximum protection is what sets us apart from our security company competitors. So what we offer our customers as a security company is much more than physical security, it is peace of mind

From farm security-driveway minders and shed surveillance for buildings remote from the dwelling to industrial solutions for monitoring of water levels, temperature and access control to sensitive areas. Our technicians are able to design solutions for whatever your requirements may be.